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Tiki Mug - Uncle Kranky

Tiki Mug - Uncle Kranky


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We're happy to introduce you to the distant cousins, the 'Hulabilly' Tiki mugs! 

Uncle Kranky, Rockahula & Ernest.

Premiered at 2013's Hulabilly themed Tiki Oasis event, you can now order these great new mugs online here at our Webshop!

Unkle Kranky is a mountain dwellin, pooch lovin' happy-go-lucky feller! 
And when Unkle Kranky hits the pipe, he hits it corn cob style all the way! 

With his jug of moonshine, he's darned near the happiest feller in the Ozarks! 

Unkle Kranky measures 7inch in height and houses 12 ounces of bootleg gin!
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