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CD - VA - Leiber & Stoller - The Rockers - That Is Rock And Roll

CD - VA - Leiber & Stoller - The Rockers - That Is Rock And Roll


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Lyricist Jerome "Jerry" Leiber and composer Mike Stoller's craftsmen's skill with the pen helped define the sound of Rock 'n Roll and Rhythm & Blues music, and together they wrote over 70 chart hits. The Songwriter album That Is Rock And Roll is the second of two albums that focuses on their mid-1950s and early 1960s collaborations. The Atomicat Records Songwriter Series, Leiber and Stoller, That Is Rock And Roll (ACCD117) includes white and black artists, and many titles on this album are embellished with a humorous vernacular that appealed to the teenagers, and because of this, they became chart hits. Due to the abundance of their legacy, the album has an extra two recordings and contains thirty recordings. Most certainly there are several well-known versions of titles that are purposely omitted, for it is a safe assumption that most of you will have these already. Some titles appear on each of the two albums, all be it in different styles or arrangements and the concept of the albums is to show the adaptations of Leiber and Stroller's songwriting skills. True to Atomicat Records' undertaking we present something unexpected and a little bit different for you to discover.


1. Coasters - That Is Rock And Roll
2. Lille John - Treat Me Nice
3. Ruth Brown - Lucky Lips
4. Little Richard - Kansas City
5. Tompall - Yakety-Yak
6. LaVern Baker - Whipper Snapper
7. Larry Dexter - Ruby Baby
8. Freddie Keil - Love Potion Number 9
9. Frankie Lymon - Searchin'
10. Cyclones - Hound Dog
11. Chuck Murphy - Nosey Joe
12. Bobby Davis - Troubles
13. Elvis Presley - Hot Dog
14. Ramblers - Along Came Jones
15. Carla Thomas - Fools Fall In Love
16. Crescendos - Sweet Dreams
17. Jack Cardwell - Whadaya Want
18. Lonnie Lee - Dirty Dirty Feeling
19. Ron And Joe - Riot In Cell Block No.9
20. Ruth Brown - Here He Comes
21. Lille John - Baby I Don't Care
22. Jimmy Breedlove - Jailhouse Rock
23. Baby Jane - My Boy John
24. Larry Evans - What About Me
25. Frankie Marshall - If It's The Last Thing I Do
26. Gerri Granger - Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello
27. The Glitters - What About Us
28. Champ Butler - Down In Mexico
29. The Kim Sisters - Charlie Brown
30. Ricky Pearson - Stand By Me
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