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Sonnenschirm - Mans Ruin

Sonnenschirm - Mans Ruin

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Bambus Sonnenschirm für Pinups/als Deko

Wine, women and song! These vices (and more) will lead you down the path of ruin. Eternal damnation? Sure! Who doesn't want an endless bender with this smiling-faced El Diablo. This bold red and black parasol is not for the faint at heart. El Diablo! will tempt you every time. Are you strong enough to turn away? Of course not! Where's the fun in that?!

Papier - Sonnenschirm mit 81,28 cm Durchmesser mit einem 63,50 cm Bambus Griff. Ausstattung komplett in farblich passendem Papier. Wunderschöne Handarbeit, unverzichtbar für heisse Tage.

Protect your skin from the evil rays of the sun! Accessorize your favorite outfit! Decorate any room in your home, garage, tattoo studio, you name it. This is a classic parasol with a big, bold, new Retro-a-go-go! twist. We just love adding our special spin and creating amazing designs for you. These artful accessories are perfect for strutting your stuff in the city, at a hot rod car show, the beach, a concert, a burlesque performance, whatever-wherever!
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