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Single - Kaw-Ligas - Guitar Race

Single - Kaw-Ligas - Guitar Race

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In this EP, the trio debuts with four own compositions, in which you´ll hear the echoes of the twentieth century´s greatest American guitars tradition.
The A side encloses ANNIVERSARY and NO COUNTRY, two tunes where the influence of artists like Merle Travis or Chet Atkins is more than remarkable, counting for the latter with the collaboration of the great Mario Cobo (Nu-Niles, Los Locos del Oeste, Mambo Jambo), becoming the song in a high voltage guitar combat!
The B side turns the dial towards rock'n'roll with THE LAST RACE and FLYIN' TO FEZ, the first one with a remarkable swing and gypsy jazz, taste, at times adorned with some Bo Diddley beat , and the second one purposing and interesting trip to the exotica of jungle and desert.


Side A:

1. Anniversary
2. No Country

Side B:

3. The Last Race
4. Flying To Fez
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