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Magazin - Ol' Skool Rodz - No. 40

Magazin - Ol' Skool Rodz - No. 40

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Origin: New Jersey, USA
Size: A4
Pages: ca. 100
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Content: Traditional Hot Rodz, Customs, Rats, Tech, Greasers, Car Shows, Car Clubs, Bobbers
Language: English

In This Issue: 

Voodoo Larry'1931 Ford coupe "VooDoo Psychosis" - Outkasts Show (South Dakota, Sept. 2009) - Dave Spooner'?51 Chevy pickup - Russ Debarr'?53 Anglia - Symco Shakedown (Wisconsin, August 2009) - 18th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (aka Mooneyes Yokohama) - Shannon McMahan ?46 Ford Supe Deluxe Coupe - 45th Annual LA Roadsters Show & Swap - Tres Diaz Music Festival - Tech: A Pair of Matching Lincolns, Pt.1 - "What'Left" Projects - Grand National Roadster Show - The Dizzy Dictionary - Minature vintage racing engines - Robert Spry'42 Harley - Joe Haska'?53 F100 - Tech: Hot Rod Camshafts - Gary Culmer'?33 Pickup.
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