LP - VA - Locked In Vol. 1

LP - VA - Locked In Vol. 1


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The first in a series of awesome vocal comps, with 20 ragin' screamin' blastin' garage punk, surf, frat, etc. tracks by Thee Headcoats, Sir Bald Diddley, Green Hornets, Wildebeests, Gloomies, Blue Devils, Unchayned, Sires, Nuthin's, Jammin' Arabs, Waistcoats, Beatkings, Cybermen, Magnificent Escapades, Count Zero and more!.


Eighteen tasty, stompin' surf and garage instros from 3 continents! 

Features The Phantom Surfers, The Boss Martians, The King Normals, Jackie & The Cedrics, The Gallows, Thee Headcoats, The Trashwomen, The Green Hornets, Eight Ball Scratch, The Finks, Lord Limey & The Yanks, The Neanderthals, Kid Wig & The Wig-Outs, The Astronauts, Juke Boy Barkus, Count Zero & The Cosmic Naughts, Lil Bob & The Trembles, and of course Sir Bald Diddley & His Right Honourable Big Wigs.

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