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LP - The COME N’ GO - Rhythm'n'Blood

LP - The COME N’ GO - Rhythm'n'Blood

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Track List:

1. Baby What's Wrong

2. Losers Ave

3. Alan Less

4. Shave My Soul

5. The Diep

6. Eat Shit

7. Intro

8. Come And Go

9. Mucho Burrito

10. 8 Liters Of Blood
1. Rolling Bones
2. You Don't Dig Me

It’s Rhythm And Blues Explosion Time From This 4 Swiss Pissed Off End Time Rock’n’roll Teenagers, When I First Saw Them A View Years Ago They Blow My Wig Away, Absloutly Out Of Control Singer He’s On The Floor Falls In To The Drum Kid Yells Screams And And What Ever You Think He Could’t Do ..He Does.. And It’s Not Yust A Joke He Has The Fire The Fire Of Rock’n’roll.. The Rest Of The Band Is Against Everything Usung To Mauch Drugs And Are Drunken Most Of The Time I Saw’m.. The Girl Drumer Has One Beat But This Is So Fucking Catchy You Go Nuts… For This Record They Asked Rober Butler (Reverend Beat-Man, Miracle Workers) To Record It, They Went To The Roy And The Devils Motorcycle Room And Recordet It In One Week, It’s All Very Raw No Melodies At All Yust A Crazy Fucked Up Mix Between The Cramps And The Oblivians But On Speed… The Album Starts Off With Jimmy Reeds Classic ‘Baby What’s Wrong’ And After That It’s A Train To A Land You Never Been Before, This Is R&B Plaid By Teens For A New Generation..
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