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LP - Sensi Simon At Studio Nine - Selected Mastertapes

LP - Sensi Simon At Studio Nine - Selected Mastertapes


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A rhythm machine is used for Tracks A3, A4, A5 & B1.
Mastered with DMM technology. 

"It is with great satisfaction that we present the first issue of the Mastertape recordings culled from the vaults of Studio Nine.

These 11 songs were recorded on 8-track analog tape between winter 2001 and spring 2003 and represent just a part of the Studio Nine output. Even some of the greatest moments have gone unrecorded in the haze of the weed.

Take it as we give it: whether it be for relaxing listening or for putting life into a party. You are all set to have a good time.

To achieve this very special warm, tasty and in some cases traditional sound, we were forced to use equipment which might be below today's digital studio standards. The mood and the music is worth occasional background noises, which might trouble the record buyer."

1. No More Water 4:47
2. Youth Of Today 2:24
3. Where I Belong 4:05
4. The Squad 4:25
5. Trail Of My Feet 2:41
6. Soul 4:35

1. Drumball 4:23
2. Above Limit 5:04
3. Soul Dub 4:45
4. Part #1 5:27
5. Fight Song
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