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LP - Ramblin' Ellie & the Bashtones - Find Another Fool

LP - Ramblin' Ellie & the Bashtones - Find Another Fool

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"It's easy to write some words about a new album when you are a fan of the band and you know the hard work they put on having it ready.  Ramblin' Ellie & the Bashtones love what they do, and it shows. One of the very few bands that do this kind of late 1950's style that can be described as a mix of rockabilly, rock and roll, teen sounds and vocal groups... yes, all that. They carefully take care of every little detail that has to do with their music, the Bashtones provide the perfect musical backing and Ramblin' Ellie's voice leads them with the perfect feeling and style needed for these songs. Also, when backing vocals were required, the Velvet Candles were there to add their voices.   With all these ingredients, plus a perfect way of recording their music they way it has to be recorded, no tricks, all real, you get a top notch album that hopefully will be the first of many more!! 

Juan Ibañez - The Velvet Candles"


Side A
1. One Of These Mornings
2. Bigelow 6-200
3. Night Without End
4. If I Had Wheels
5. Hurry Baby
6. Find Another Fool  

Side B
7. Moonsick
8. It Doesn't Matter
9. Is It Me
10. Lone Gone Baby
11. Dreamy Nights
12. I'll Come Running
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