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LP - Hormonauts - Hormone Hop

LP - Hormonauts - Hormone Hop

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Wild Wild Swing Rockabilly With Kilt & Chianti. Wild Wild Outa Scotland/Italy Swing Rockabilly Jive… This Is It, Full On Party,It´S A Must Shake Your Booty Record!!.

01. We Are The Hormonauts
02. Black Slacks
03. Hey You!
04. Sweet Young Thing
05. Hatuey
06. Get Off The Wagon

07. Looser
08. That Man In Your Bed
09. Turky Jive
10. Gonna Be Love
11. Who The Hell Are You
12. She'll Be My Baby

Voodoo Rhyhtm The Label For The Ultimate Bad Taste Rock´N´Roller And Incredable Strange Music Lover Yust Released A New 7´ Vinyl Single By Germanys Most Nuts And Crazy Elvis Impersonator.

Wanna Party ? Wanna Go Wild And Drive Like Hell In A 56 T-Model Fort Street Rod? You Can Call It Swing Or You Can Call It Rockabilly… And You Can Call It Rock´N´Roll Or You Can Call It Music With The Drive To Move Your Ass.. But Never Call Them Late For Dinner, They Will Shake Your Balls Like No Other Trio On This Continent… It´S Deffenetly In The Tradition Of Rockabilly Like Gene Vincent Or Johnny Burnette Has Brian Setzter Influences And The Drive Of Black Flag…. They All Started As Street Musicians (And Still Do) Andy Is The Singer And Guitar Player He´S From Scotland Use To Play In Hc Bands And In The Splatter Horrorshow Band ´Spamabilly´, Sas
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