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LP - Help Me Devil - Lokanta Hell

LP - Help Me Devil - Lokanta Hell

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Format: 12" vinyl LP + Bonus CD package (Limited Deluxe Edition with GATEFOLD SLEEVE, included full-lenght CD release in Slipcover)
Artist: Help Me Devil
Title: Lokanta Hell
Style: RocK And Roll, Garage, Rockabilly


Side A:
1. One Tough Mothercat
2. Losers Live Longer
3. Looking For Love On The Wrong Places
4. Never Stand If You Can Walk
5. It's A Hard World For Little Things
6. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
7. Bought And Sold And Done For

Side B:
8. Behind The 8 Ball
9. Jolie Jolie
10. She's Mine
11. Too Much
12. Lord Give Me Strength (I'll Steal The Rest)
13. Uncle Silas Payne
14. I Served My Time In Hell

What is Rock ‘n’ Roll? Nobody will just call it the devil’s music. Not anymore. Too bad. 

Unfortunately now people think that Rock music and Rock ‘n’ Roll are the same. Well, they are not. Rock ‘n’ Roll is bigger and much better. 

HELP ME DEVIL -Juancar Parlange (guitar & vocals), Mario Vega (bass) and Julia Perez (drums) – also know the difference. 
They hate Rock. They love Rock ‘n’ Roll. And they know much more than that. 

They know that Rock ‘n’ Roll is about being young at heart, is about getting the crazy ideas out of your head and putting them into the world in the most uncorrupted, brash, uncalculated manner possible. 
And at the same time they know that rock ‘n’ roll is the common tradition of all the past and the beginning of everything new. A kind of folk music based on the blues. Finally they know that Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lifestyle. A crossroad. A deal with the “Big Black Man”. 

In “Lokanta Hell”, HELP ME DEVIL’s second album, produced by Matt Verta-Ray and recorded at NY Hed studios, NYC (USA). 
You will find all this… and more: Three chords and the truth. Thirteen new songs. 

Plus one Hasil Adkins cover (HMD recorded Hasil’s “Chicken Walk” for their first album). 
A tribute to Uncle Silas Payne (a blind man who lived with Sam Philips when he was a child). 
Screaming vocals, vibrant black and white guitars, good old backbeat rhythms, rattling keyboards, beating hearts, sweat, love, and passion. 
With Daddy Long Legs (who has just released his first LP with Norton records) playing blues harp and screaming. Mickey Finn (Left Banke, Boss Hog) playing piano and organ. Tetsua Hayakawa (Das Boot) lead guitar on “Too much rice, too little chicken”. And Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball baby) on several tracks.

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