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LP - Flat Tires - Ahooga

LP - Flat Tires - Ahooga

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"... ahooga, ahooga ..." went the hot rod's horn when Erik turned the corner. "Sorry guys, I'm a bit late, I had a flat tire and I had to fix it ...". This is how the eponymous meeting of the Flat Tires took place in 2017. From now on, the 3 wanted to carry their rockabilly from Berlin into the world.
Dusty Gray, who after years of rhythm guitar decided to play the lead gathered two old 2 friends with a lot of Rock'n'Roll experience, the goal: rockabilly - without frills, rough, loud and rhythmic ... just like "back then"! The line-up:
- Dusty Gray - (Dusty Gray and the rough riding Ramblers, Rhythm Shots, Blisters'n'Gray): vocals, lead guitar
- Erik Graffunder - (Birke-Meyer-Trio, Teenage Terror, Wayne Starday's Trailer Kings): Drums, Vocals
- Mike Blisters - (Roughnecks, Backwood Boys, G.I.Blooze, Blisters'n'Gray): slap bass, vocals
Musically, the 3 have dedicated themselves to the classic rockabilly, without forgetting the 'harmony singing' and sophisticated melody leads. A well-known booker called the style of 'Flat Tires' 'High Energy Rockabilly from Berlin'


Side A
1. Jump In
2. Buzz Buzz Buzz
3. Lazy Bone Joe
4. Cold-Hearted Love
5. Wrong One

Side B
6. Say Hey
7. Dancing
8. Better With You
9. You Won't Find Heaven Tonight
10. One After 999
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