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LP - Del Gators - Pound Down

LP - Del Gators - Pound Down

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Here They Come, Straight Out Of The Swamp, With 13 Cut-Throat Killer Songs, The Dirtiest R&B Band To Ever Creep Out Of The Mudpit- The Del Gators. Born From The Greasy Gutter Love Of Guitarist Oily-Chi And Pianist Cocobutter Khan, The Del Gators Bring Together The Burnin' Sound Of Guitarist Extraordinaire Cheddy, The Wailin' Thunder Of Show Woman Little Honey Dee, Finger Lickin' Bassist Choyce And Last But Not Least The Fabulous Dan Pedro Dorito, Poundin' On The Skins. Put Together Two Wild' Shakin' Amazon Beauties And 4 Cursin' Dirty' Boys And There You Have It, The Bumpin' Grindin' Sextet Of The Del Gators, Leading You Straight To The Holy Ghost. Their One Of A Kind Rock'n'roll Show Will Leave You Blinded, Drippin' With Saucy Boogie Woogie Piano Licks, Hot Howlin' Women And Voodoo Guitars, All Backed Up By The Cave Man Pound Down. Come One, Come All, Come On And Get Pounded Down By The Del Gators!!!
Recordet By Jim Diamond (Andre Wiiliams, Dirtbombs...)

Track List:,
1. Get Down (And Get Stupid),
2. Dynamite,
3. Mudpit,
4. Move Mr. Man,
5. Bompa My Bones,
6. Wiggin' Out,
1. Cockroach Crawl,
2. Dull-Eyed,
3. Car Troubles,
4. Crabwalkin,
5. Lay It Down,
6. Cruel Game,
7. Rubbin
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