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CD - Voxpoppers meet The Bellhops - Wishing For Your Love

CD - Voxpoppers meet The Bellhops - Wishing For Your Love

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Finest rockin' rollin' vocal group sound from New York including their 1958 hit 'Whishing For Your Love'.
The Bellhops started out in 1956 before becoming The Voxpoppers a year later, recording not only Doo Wop songs 
but showing off their talent on various instruments and danceable rock'n'roll recordings.

1. Jitterbug Heart
2. Please Don't Say No To Me
3. Merchant Street Blues
4. I'm Aleavin'
5. Please, Pretty Please
6. Searching
7. Come Back Little Girl
8. A Love To Last A Lifetime
9. We Have Fun
10. Why Do You Treat Me This Way
11. The Last Drug
12. Wishing For Your Love
13. Ring Dang Doo Ting A Ling
14. Angela
15. Pony Tail
16. Stroll Roll (Instr.)
17. Ping Pong Baby
18. Teenage Years
19. Guitar Stroll (Instr.)
20. Carmella
21. Can't Understand You
22. A Blessing After All
23. Lonely For You
24. Helen Isn't Tellin'
25. In My Heart Of Hearts
26. A Puppet On A String
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