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CD - VA - Dynamite Group Sounds - Vol. 19

CD - VA - Dynamite Group Sounds - Vol. 19


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26 Explosive group sounds - 50's & early 60's Group Harmony.
Includes tracks by the Dubs, Ravens, Five Stars, Five Crowns, Concords, Twilighters, Octaves and many more! Contains 2 previously unissued alternate tracks!

1. Geraldine - Jive Tones
2. If I Only Had Magic - Dubs
3. I'm So Crazy For Love - Ravens
4. Lonely - Hi-Fives
5. Walking The Streets Alone - Love Letters
6. Make Up Your Mind - Impaks
7. I Found My Love - Infatuators
8. Just Pretending - Versatiles
9. Lydia - Sunsets
10. Hey Juanita - Five Stars
11. Angel - Lavenders
12. When Someone Loves You - Labradors
13. Hy Wocky Tommba - Mighty Jupiters
14. God Bless You - Five Crowns
15. Down the Aisle of Love - Concords
16. Childish Ways - Suddens
17. Darling Be Mine - Earthquakes
18. My Silent Prayer - Twilighters
19. I'm So Glad - B Harris/Continentals
20. Since I Fell For You - Buckeyes
21. Dottie Baby - Buckeyes
22. Look At Me - Fortunes
23. Under the Willow - Dreams
24. Sit and Cry - Grand Prees
25. Mombo Caroline - Octaves
26. Long Time - R Cates/Travelers

26 more rare doo-wop ballads and rockers from the period 1954 to 1966 by The Jive Tones, Ravens, Love Letters, Infatuators, Sunsets, Lavenders, Mighty Jupiters, Concords, Earthquakes, Buckeyes (two previously unissued alternate takes), Dreams, Octaves and more.THE BUCKEYES: Dottie Baby/ Since I Fell For You/ R CATES & THE TRAVELERS: Long Time/ THE CONCORDS: Down The Aisle Of Love/ THE DREAMS: Under The Willow/ THE DUBS: If I Only Had Magic/ THE EARTHQUAKES: Darling Be Mine/ THE FIVE CROWNS: God Bless You/ THE FIVE STARS: Hey Juanita/ THE FORTUNES: Look At Me/ THE GRAND PREES: Sit And Cry/ B HARRIS & THE CONTINENTALS: I'm So Glad/ THE HI-FIVES: Lonely/ THE IMPAKS: Make Up Your Mind/ THE INFATUATORS: I Found My Love/ THE JIVE TONES: Geraldine/ THE LABRADORS: When Someone Loves You/ THE LAVENDERS: Angel/ THE LOVE LETTERS: Walking The Streets Alone/ THE MIGHTY JUPITERS: Hy Wocky Tommba/ THE OCTAVES: Mombo Caroline/ THE RAVENS: I'm So Crazy For Love/ THE SUDDENS: Childish Ways/ THE SUNSETS: Lydia/ THE TWILIGHTERS: My Silent Prayer/ THE VERSATILES: Just Pretending
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