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CD - Three Blue Teardrops - Rustbelt Trio

CD - Three Blue Teardrops - Rustbelt Trio


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Here you have a real wild rocking and stomping modern rockabilly album made up of 13 songs (all band’s originals, half written by guitarist Dave Sisson and the other half by upright bassist Rick Uppling). One of their best quality is to be able to mix genres, adding traditional vocals harmonies on heavy rockers, or enhance what could be a classic hot rod song (Lincoln 49) with a fine and swinging drum beat.


1. A-Ok
2. Shocked!
3. Lincoln '59
4. Alone At Last
5. Headin' For Disaster
6. American Way
7. Hard-Boiled
8. Little Lovely
9. Lord Send Me An Angel
10. Damage Control
11. The Dead Know Nothing
12.I Still Dream Of You
13. I'm Still Standin' Here
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