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CD - Tennessee Boys - Burnin' Miles

CD - Tennessee Boys - Burnin' Miles


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I can guarantee you'll get your shoes rocked right off'n yer' feet when you put this little gem on the ol' play and spin it! So, put your rockin' shoes on and hold on to yer' hats cats and kitties! The Tennessee Boys are gonna "ROCK YOUR WORLD"! Willie Lewis (owner of the Rock-a-billy Record Company).


1. Just Let Me Tell You
2. Crazy Crazy Lovin'
3. Burning Miles
4. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
5. I'm Blue
6. Rock Roll & Rhythm
7. This Heart Of Mine
8. Crazy Man Crazy
9. Blue Hearted Fool
10. Draggin'
11. Rock A Billy Ball
12. Movie Magg
13. Keep It On Your Mind
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