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CD - Sureshots - Clown's Pocket

CD - Sureshots - Clown's Pocket


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The Sureshots:

There are many legends related to The Sureshots from the North East of England — The Sureshots are one of the hottest rockabilly outfits on the rockin' circuit, and, beside Newcastle Brown Ale, one of the most important export articles from Newcastle! They started life as a trio called 'The Atomix' in 1982. At this time they were about the only outfit to play this kind of music in their native North East England, so they attracted quite a bit of attention, and local gigs weren't hard to find. Soon the first of many drummers to come was found, and the now four piece were playing nationally as well as locally those days — and almost every weekend. After 18 months as The Atomix, the band felt this name sounded too 'punky' so the Sureshots were born! In 1985 they had their first gig at the Ashington Central Club in Newcastle, sporting a new drummer: Colin Mee, now singer of the Skip Rats. Within two years, press exposure lead to the Sureshots' first TV slot for the BBC, going out at prime time.
In 1987, the long-awaited album, 'Four to the Bar' was recorded for and released by the english Nose/ID label. Songs from this LP, like 'Broken Heart' 'Chinatown' 'Am I Blue' and 'I'm Uneasy' soon became Sureshots classics. 'Four to the Bar' was a huge success, with releases in USA and even in Japan!
In 1991, Colin Mee left the band to concentrate on his career as a singer/songwriter with the Skip Rats. He was replaced by Mark Coppin (former Johnny & The Roccos), who is not only a drummer, but also a talented songwriter and he's responsible for, amongst others, the song, 'Clown's Pocket' taken from the album with the same title released in 1993. Mark's also a singer, and so he and Gaz once in a while trade places.
Gary Allen has an unmistakeable voice — just to fit this mix of hillbilly, rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, country, jazz and blues, just like the most versatile guitarist — when Carl Perkins gave applause from his dressing room, it was obvious that Joe Guillan was on stage!


01. That's The Reason
02. Big Door
03. Bop Hop Jamboree
04. That Sure Is Love
05. Hubba Hubba Ding Ding
06. Black Slacks
07. Clown's Pocket
08. Uh Baby
09. Lonesome Baby
10. You Can Do No Wrong
11. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
12. What Would I Do
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