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CD - Space Cadets - Rockin' With The Space Cadets

CD - Space Cadets - Rockin' With The Space Cadets


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The very best of, remastered from the original tapes, with one previously unreleased track "Space Girl". Great sound, and cool previously unseen photos.

1. Rockin’ With The Space Cadets
2. Awakadeeawakadoo
3. Astrobilly Rockin’
4. In Space
5. Rockin’ On Thin Ice
6. Jack Hammer
7. Lost On Earth
8.  Space Girl
9. Lady M.
10. I'm A Space Cadet
11. You Don't Move Me
12. Give Me Space
13. We're Gonna Rock Rock Rock
14. Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed
15. Cadet Walk
16. Rocket Ship
17. Get Closer
18. Let's Get Crazy
19. Take It Home
20. Lift Off

Formed in 1995 in England the Space Cadets are Mouse Zinn:Vocals, Ricky Lee Brawn:Drums, Mark Harman:Lead Guitar and Paul Harman: Bass. In the time since they have played at ALL the major Rock n Roll Festivals around the WORLD, including Moskow, Australia, The USA and all off Europe. We have recorded 3 albums, not a lot for a band of 15 years really but We aim to change that in 2011 with a brand new album, their 1st for over 11 years! ALL of our albums and recordings have ALL sold out, YOU CANNOT find them ANYWHERE...they are all gone!!! We will not let other people boot-leg or re-release our music!! (not yet anyway) We are basically a Rock n Roll band with Neo elements and do not try to be anything other than a happy-go-lucky bunch of guys having fun playing the music We love, what you see is what you get and We dont mind looking silly in our Space Uniforms because we are about FUN and GOOD TIMES only serious people will not take us SEROIUSLY!! We have a great stage show full of craziness and zest! We have not played a show since November 2009 since then We have taken a rest from live shows to prepare for other things in our lives, but 2011 will see a re-union to do a new record album and 2012 will see a return to the LIVE SHOWS after two and a half years of silence.....

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