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CD - Silver Shine - Nightmare

CD - Silver Shine - Nightmare

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The Silver Shine was founded in 2004 by guitarist/vocalist Ati EDGE, double bassist Yoda Surfer and drummer Rolee Shine. The base of the band is Budapest /Hungary/. All the members played in another bands before and they are following the straigth edge lifestyle for years. The Silver Shine is the first straight edge band of the psychobilly scene.

They recorded their first EP at the beginning of 2005 and it came out on 7"
by the Dutch label named Commitment Records. The debut EP shows the punkabilly side of the band.
After a couple of serious shows the band went to studio in November 2005 to record their first full-length. The CD version came out by the meanest psychobilly label named Crazy Love Records in the spring of 2006 titled "Nightmare". It includes 14 songs and follows the psychobilly path including punkabilly roots, mixing raw punk, rockabilly and country elements.

Tracklisting: 01. Intro 02. Sunset 03. Nightmare 04. Death Race 05. Zombies from Outer Space 06. Big Sandy 07. Last Dawn 08. Skulls 09. Burning Eyes 10.
Screeeaam!!! 11. Crazy Babe 12. Return of Carry Nation 13. Other World
(live) 14. Outro
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