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CD - Shockwave - Contact From Space

CD - Shockwave - Contact From Space


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The Shockwave! - Contact From Space CD (Double Crown)

It's the 2nd full-length CD by The Shockwave!, a Finland based 4-piece that has recorded an (inter)stellar set of instrumental rock n' roll tunes, with a couple of covers that will appeal to fans of pop music from the 80's (Cyndi Lauper & A-ha). Their debut was released by Gas/Goofin' Records, and won the band a legion of fans all over the globe. This release takes their sound even further, embracing modern and traditional surf, as well as the beloved Rautalanka sound of their home country. The cover artwork for this digipak was created by the incomparable Fred Lammers.


1. Golden Gambler
2. Gasping Runner
3. Contact!
4. After Stormy Weather
5. She Bop
6. Space Glider
7. Shock A Go Go
8. 5th Floor
9. Penetration From Space
10. Suon Kulkija
11. Flow Waves
12. Take On Me
13. Nightwalker

(Note: Unfortunately due to a manufacturing error, tracks #8 and #9 are reversed on the back of the CD cover. The correct track listing is shown here)
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