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CD - Seatsniffers - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield

CD - Seatsniffers - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield


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Europe's no 1 Rootsrock combo is back with their first full-length studio-album for Sonic Rendezvous, (their 6th in total) and it's a scorcher. Among the 14 brand new tracks, Seatsniffers fans will get a generous helping of the wild Greaser R & B they've come to expect, but there's plenty more; bluegrass, C & W, Soul, Ska, Rockabilly, all blended into the simmering stew that is "Let's Burn The Cornfield". Featuring a guest appearance by the bluegrass boogieman, Rene van Barneveld's plaintive pedal steel, Mischa den Haring's (T-99) hip blues guitar, and a heart-wrenching duet with Nathalie Delcroix.


1. Make Like A Rocket And Fly
2. Gimme Gimme
3. Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
4. I Want To Know
5. Crush
6. We're Gonna Rock
7. Give Me Some Sugar
8. It'll Never Come To Light
9. She's Allright With Me
10. Sticks And Stones
11. I Want Some More
12. Depression's Got Me Again
13. You Got It All Mixed Up
14. Get High
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