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CD - Ruby Ann - Train To Satanville (Original)

CD - Ruby Ann - Train To Satanville (Original)

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12 track Rockabilly CD album

1. Train To Satanville 2. Dynamite 3. Ain`t That Loving You Baby 4. That`s The Way I Feel 5. I Want A Lover 6. I Hear You Talking 7. Just For You 8. Look At That Moon 9. Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe 10. The Big Bounce 11. Don`t Call Me Honey 12. King Of My Heart.

Scorching female-vocal Rockabilly - the second album from the girl that's causing a stir on the Rockin' scene. 
Lively, uptempo and rockin' with '50s production and powerful delivery.
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