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CD - Roomates - Church Bells Ringing Everywhere

CD - Roomates - Church Bells Ringing Everywhere


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Track List:

1. Church Bells Ringing Everywhere
2. The White Cliffs Of Dover
3. Sleepwalk (Feat. Susanna Pichin)
4. Dream Girl
5. Lullabye
6. If Sandy Only Knew
7. Don't Say Tomorrow
8. Hey Maryann (Feat. Stuart Demmery)
9. Everytime I Hear Your Name (Feat. Susanna Pichin)
10. I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time
11. Playmate Of The Year
12. She'll Be Gone (Feat. Karen Demmery)
13. Hushabye
14. Where Was I
15. You're Gonna Pay
16. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

The Roomates are, whithout any doubt, the number one doo wop group in the world recreating the white group sounds of the late 50's and early 60's. For a lot of years they have been showing it, getting to the point of even sharing the stage with their number one idol Dion.
Their new album for El Toro Records, it's once again prove of what they do best. Once again with Steve Webb, without any doubt the most talented doowoper in Europe, as the top man on the group, they offer us a superb selection of songs, going through classics like the Mystics "Hushabye" or the Chevrons "Lullabye" to more obscure songs like The Chimes "Dream girl" or the Sputniks "Hey MaryAnn" and of course, once again, great new original songs.  Everything done with great love for the music, putting a lot of effort in achieving the classic sound.
A must for every doo wop fan everywhere, or simply to any 50's music lover!
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