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CD - Rockin Henri - It?s Sociabillywoprock Time!

CD - Rockin Henri - It?s Sociabillywoprock Time!


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Rockin' Henri from The Netherlands presents his songbook: 
It's Sociabillywoprock Time! 
Historical Album

Enjoy a new chapter added to Rock & Roll by Rockin' Henri: Sociabillywoprock!
A mixture of Rockabilly, Doowop and plain vintage Rock'n'Roll with a focus on social themed lyrics. 

It's very hard to be unique nowadays and it's even more difficult to be original! But this album is unique in every sense of the word! As well as sound (vintage meets retro and recorded live in the studio, meaning without overdubs) as the multi-page booklet, both including never heard/seen before items! 

a 32page booklet 
Songs in English, German and Dutch. 

Spontaneous arrangements recorded with wellknown successful professional vintage/retro bands in Germany (Rock-A-Tones, a compilation of the Round Up Boys and Cherry Casino & The Gamblers) and Luxembourg (Letzebillies, a part of Little John & The Cadillacs).

This album is gonna change Rock'n'Roll history. 
Just get this album and you know why.

Released in 2008

1. Santa's Got Your Letter
2. Tastes Are Different
3. I'm No Macho Man
4. You're A Hardworking Woman
5. The Night Comes To An End
6. Cliniclown Song
7. It's Dating Time
8. Tomorrow Never Will Come
9. Take Care Of Yourself
10. Watery Eyes
11. Runaway From Duties
12. The Girl With The (Zodiac) Sign
13. You Made My Day
14. That Picture
15. Why Do You Hurt The Ony You Love?
16. Mom And Dad
17. Where Were You When I Needed You?
18. In My Dreams
19. I Got A Girl Named Gretsch
20. It's All Rock And Roll
21. Girl In The Wheelchair
22. Rockin' Magazine
23. I'm Mr. Lonely
24. Meine kleine Spende
25. Jijn Leven Ging Aan Mij Voorbij
26. Ich bin kein Schleimer

27. Being Healthy Is A Privilege
28. White Cadillac
29. Benson Boogie
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