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CD - Rhythm Bound - Born To Love You

CD - Rhythm Bound - Born To Love You


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1. Hit And Run
2. Mad Dog Mean
3. Born To Love You
4.Read 'Em And Weep
5.My Baby's Gone
6.I'll Be Along
7.Beast In Me
8.Ain't Lovin' In The Dark
9.Ride The Lonely Train
10.Prove To You
11. Back In Town
12. Little Girl's Rockin'
13. Rope And Wrangle 1
4.Torn In Two 1
5.Rockabilly Red 1
6.Jungle Fever

"When The Early 80's 'Revival' Of Rockabilly Hit The U.S., Brothers Rich And Tom Hopkins Immediately Found Something They Didn't Even Know They Were Looking For. Already Hooked On The Rockabilly Sound From The Carl Perkins, Elvis, And Johnny Cash Records In Their Dad's Collection, They Took Notice When Modern Acts Like Robert Gordon, The Rockats, And Stray Cats Came To The Scene. Now Un-Cool To Admit, They Were Influenced By These Bands - If For Nothing Else, For Making Them Take Notice And See That Rockabilly Does Have A Place In The World After All. So, Rich Bought The Biggest Hollow-Body Guitar He Could Find And Sang Along To The Records. Tom Pounded Out Cheesy Bass Lines On An Electric Bass. The Earliest Incarnation Of The Band Was Born. (A Home Video Exists, Circa 1985, Of The Duo Performing An Eddie Cochran Song, Waaay Out Of Tune, But It'll Cost You A Lot To Ever See It - A Whole Hell Of A Lot)..."
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