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CD - Reverend Beat-Man & The Church Of Herpes - Your Favorite Po

CD - Reverend Beat-Man & The Church Of Herpes - Your Favorite Po


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REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE CHURCH OF HERPES, is a project of two completely different styles of music who has nothing to do with each other in the normal circus of the Music Industry… but they did it.. they mix up Gospel Rock’n’Roll with Industrial Analog Craut Electro.. and the Result is Craut influed Gospel from hell mixed up with Analogue electro trash..

Reverend Beat-Man him self a Primitive Rock’n’Roll Preaching One Man Band was always good Friends with the Herpes-ö-Deluxe ,Industrial Pioneers outa Bern,Switzerland, meeting each other in the early 80’s on Test department and Whitehouse gigs or the Monsters and Guitar Wolf… so they decided to put this together in one music Style and started recording in 1999, in between they did 2 Live Shows, the gigs where over when everybody left the club and that was very quick and so they decided that this must be a good thing to do and they where continuing this Project

This is Music for people who have the Blues and who want it even worse , Music to beat yourself with your Fist to the head till you bleed, music to make situations you are in even worse.. this record is all Totally Wrong and leads you on the wrong track of live.. so we warn you here on voodoo rhythm records.. if you are already a person with complicating problems such as drug abusing or strange girl or boyfriends then better leave this record in the record shop and by a stead the new green day album…

Track list:

1. I Don't Care

2. Bad Treatment

3. Seven Days

4. Home

5. Blue Suede Shoes

6. Prophecy

7. Faith, Hope, Love

8. Move

9. Us

10. A Letter

11. Higher
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