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CD - Playtones - It's Alright

CD - Playtones - It's Alright

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The last two last albums have both been true ”heart-releases” for The Playtones where they chose to go back and find their roots in an old more lo-fi sort of production and really get the sound of the 50’s. 

Something that proved to be successful when they received much praise and attention, not least from the foreign audience and press. 

1. Together Again
2. Love Love Love
3. (Hennes) Namn på min arm
4. Rhythm of The Rain
5. It's Alright
6. For Every Tear
7. Min gamla grammofon
8. Plenty of Nothing
9. My Christina
10. Allting är fel
11. The Shape I'm In
12. Donna Lee
13. Volvo 142

But on their latest album it's time for The Playtones to make a bit of a comeback to the sound that made them a gold- and platinumselling act in Sweden. The sound is a mix of the two latest productions and the sound on the goldselling album "Rock'n'Roll Is King" from 2011.
- Yes, we’re taking it to a slighlty more commercial edge on the new album, but it is also important not to let rockabilly so we are really super happy with the fresh production, we have to say Boppin' Steve. 
The sound is really fresh and a little more modern, without losing our identity, which is super important for us. Furthermore, we are incredibly pleased with all the songs we found that the record says Boppin' Steve.

And he sure is right... The mix of tracks is awesome. New written tunes with great choruses and a bunch of cover songs made with the incredible amount of love.
- Yes - this album feels so incredibly good. We are so damn happy! It's alright… simple as that! says Boppin’ Steve with a wide smile!

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