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CD - Pinstripes - First Kick

CD - Pinstripes - First Kick

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Debütalbum (2005) des Stuttgarter Rockabilly Trios auf CHEROKEE / PART.Die PINSTRIPES spielen gute alte 50's Rock'n'Roll Musik mit sehr modernem Sound in der typischen Besetzung: Wilde Gretsch-Gitarre, hämmernder Kontrabass und groovendes Schlagzeug. First Kick bietet Coverversionen weltweit bekannter Rock'n'Roll Interpreten (z.B. Please Don’t Touch / JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES, Funnel Of Love / WANDA JACKSON und Brandnew Cadillac / VINCE TAYLOR) und Rock Songs (Ace Of Spades / MOTÖRHEAD, Voodoo Chile / JIMMY HENDRIX) sowie acht selbstgeschriebene Originale von Gitarrist, Sänger und Frontmann ARTUR "SPIKE" GRAMM. Ein flottes und mitreißendes Hot-Rockabilly-Album! 14 Songs, über 45 Min. Spielzeit.


1. Devil's Joint
2. Please Don't Touch
3. Pinstripes
4. That's Life
5. I Don't Want You
6. Brand New Cadillac
7. Castin' My Spell
8. Voodoo Chile
9. Pickup '52
10. No Rules
11. Funnel of Love
12. Little Girl
13. Game Over
14. Ace of Spades

The Pinstripes (GERMANY)
First Kick
©Cherokee Records 2005

The debut album of this German Rockabilly trio, who themselves refer to their style as "Kick-Ass Rockabilly”, was a banger, and the reviews were all extremely positive. The reviewer of the British “Koolsville” magazine, for example, wrote: “... the best new Neo Rockabilly I’ve heard in donkeys years.”

A long-standing friendship and various mutual musical projects in the past have joined together the three members of this Neo Rockabilly band who come from the South of Germany and have played together since 2001. Headed by the lead singer and lead guitarist Artur "Spike" Gramm, who composes most of the band's original material, the trio is completed by Hagen Offterdinger on drums and Oliver "O-Lee" Hyttrek" on double bass. In the past few years, the Pinstripes have appeared at numerous major Rockabilly festivals such as the Walldorf Weekender or the Brandenburg Festival, and have played a whole heap of gigs in clubs all over Germany, thus acquiring an ever growing fan base. The Pinstripes refer to their style as "Kick-Ass Rockabilly" which results from more than 15 years of experience with different bands and from the stylistic influences associated with these musical experiences.
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