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CD - Pete Hutton & The Beyonders - Lure Of A Star

CD - Pete Hutton & The Beyonders - Lure Of A Star


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This is a great album by a popular band on the Rockin' circuit. Some brilliantly written songs here from the Pen of Pete Hutton and guitarist Nick Kennedy alongside some well chosen covers. All performed to a high standard.


1. Got To Have Myself A Ball
2. Jinx Minx 
3. I Waited So Long 
4. Lure Of A Star 
5. She Ain’t Gonna Love You 
6. Charmcaster 
7. Fooling Around 
8. Feel So Bad 
9. Lovechaser 
10. The Raging Other Side Of Me 
11. Lonely Boy 
12. Smarter Than The Average Cat 
13. High Tide
14. Teen Queen
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