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CD - New Bomb Turks - Information Highway Revisited

CD - New Bomb Turks - Information Highway Revisited


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Id Slips In, Bullshit On Bullshit, If I Only Could, Brother Orson Welles, T.A.S., Fingernail Chomp, Dented ' N' Spent, Girl Can Help It, Sinking Feeling, Grandpa Atomic, Neverwill, Apocalyptic Dipstick, Lyin On Our Backs, I Got Your Bitter End, Straight-On Chaser

The Turks Mucho Hot Second Album, Released Dec '94, Featuring A Whopping 39:30 Minutes Of Non-Stop Hammering Action (As Compared To The 30-Minute Blur Of 'Destroy-Oh-Boy!')!!!! Lookee, Baby: If You Can't Get Yer Clock Tickin' To The Awesome Whomp O' Tunes Such As The Stooges-On-Speed Roar O' 'Id Slips In' The Hyperactive Anthem O' 'Fingernail Chomp' The Mega-Rip-Roarin' Pummel O' 'Bullish On Bullshit' The Little Eva-Filtered-Thru 'Funhouse' Grind O''t.A.S.' Etc, Then You'd Best Call De Doctor Coz Yer Prob'ly Dead! S'good, Friends - Is Mighty Good!

'Info Highway Is Like A Pit-Stop At A 24-Hour Bike Race, Everything Is Driving Fast On Raw Nerves And Amphetamine Adrenalin, And You Have To Be A Maniac To Take Part.' (Kerrang)
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