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CD - Neva River Rockets - Moonshine Troubadours

CD - Neva River Rockets - Moonshine Troubadours


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Neva River Rockets mit Moonshine Troubadours! 
Das 2. Album der russischen Band, absolut empfehlenswert. 
Hillbilly Blues Bop kombiniert mit Rockabilly. 
Hier wird es bestimmt nicht langweilig!

1. Hot Rod Volga
2. Snow Ball Baby
3. River Rocket Boogie
4. Crazy Date
5. Pietari Special Train
6. Keep Song In Your Heart
7. Draggin' Down The Peterskaya Street
8. You're My Baby
9. Ramblin' Man Blues
10. A Taste Of Life
11. Down The River
12. Baby Please Forgive Me
13. I'm Yet Her Husband And She's Yet My Wife
14. Here I Go (To The Bar Down The Street)
15. Chase
16. The Story Of Muddy Bill
17. Super Duper Baby

The Neva River Rockets (RUSSIA)
Moonshine Troubadours
©Part Records 2007

The Hillbilly and a bit of Rockabilly they play is more for musical high quality lovers than for brylcreme stompers at a record hop. 
Excellent guitar pickin' with accent free Hank Snow style vocals, that's the secret receipt of this rock & roll 'creme de la creme' from Russia.

Their great inspirations are Hank Williams Sr., Jimmy Rodgers, Curtis Gordon, Charlie Feathers etc. 
The mainpart is undoubtly the authenticity, without being static, no, they even combine it with a bit of jazz and blues and this makes this hillbilly to a different thing between other hillbilly bands.
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