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CD - Klax - Last Zyborg

CD - Klax - Last Zyborg

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"Last Zyborg" 2nd release from Texas Psychobilly band Klax. Zteben started the band in 2012 with their 1st release "Recyclebilly". They have been active non stop and fans dying for more. This release moves the band into a more aggressive path off their classic sound. Still with a strong sci-fi theme, powerful slap bass, delay soaked guitar and thrash influenced drum patterns. Concept album that is set to grab all fans of Psychobilly back into the harder side.
2nd release "Last Zyborg" from Klax is finally here! This is a very powerful and aggressive release. The album also tells a back story set in a polluted and corrupt future for human kind. There are 3 tribes who vote globally and one Human Admiral (Kernt) who enforces all law. The tribes consist of lazy but intelligent humans, Androids who are used for basic chores of slave labor and Cyborgs who are also slave laborers but for more difficult jobs. The Androids have free will and are always upset with their rates and working conditions. They have been rebelling for decades and are led by a Gynoid Queen. Admiral Kernt and Dr. Zyaut have designed an artificial organism fused with it's robotic shell. This new design should be absent of free will and free thought. It will merely be a mindless slave. Although, it will still consist of much attention to detail and can work for a 100 years without rest or maintenance. The Admiral has rallies and promotions that are needed for support and votes to pass approval of all 3 tribes. He has Dr. Zyaut awaken their 1st prototype "Zyborg". As soon as he awakes, he destroys everything in sight and shows plenty of free thought and free will...

1. The 4 Tribes
2. Zyborg Coming
3. Arise
4. Mentor
5. Contact
6. Rock Salt
7. Queen’s Control
8. Broken Mirror
9. Last Zyborg
10. Silent Bell
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