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CD - Jimmie Maddin - Hey Rock - Best Of

CD - Jimmie Maddin - Hey Rock - Best Of

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Jimmie Maddin was a local hero of the breeding music scene in Los Angeles during the 1950s.

Besides honkin' his saxophone in his own clubs, he produced many other bands (Seeds, Persuadors,..), was the 
musical director for some classic drive in B-Movies and played with Marilyn Monroe in a film. 

1. Boogie Boo
2. I Like A Shuffle Beat
3. I Stole De Wedding Bell
4. Play Ball
5. Let 'Em Roll
6. Colleen
7. Hey Roc
8. Tongue Tied
9. You Know
10. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
11. Party Line
12. Shirley Purley
13. Cruising (Instr.)
14. Stop The World
15. Night Hop (Instr.)
16. I Just Can't Say Goodnight
17. I'm Studyin' You
18. We Love The Dodgers
19. Bird Dog
20. Girls, Girls, Girls
21. Campus Raid
22. Roadracers
23. Leadfoot
24. The Headless Ghost
25. Horrors Of The Black Museum
26. Don't Stop Now
27. This Dance Is Mine (Instr.)
28. Mashin Grapes (Instr.)
29. The Crescendo Twist
30. Twist Around The World
31. Rock-A-Nova
32. The Beetle-Bomb
33. Stomp 'Em Out (Instr.)
34. Jerry Lee Lewis Announcement
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