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CD - Jetaways - Rockin The Night Away

CD - Jetaways - Rockin The Night Away


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The Jetaways is a band from the Örebro-area in the middle of Sweden that have been working real heard the past few years.

About two years ago, their first CD was released by Tail records and the audience really loved it. Their style is mostly "raw, wild 50's rockabilly" but also a couple of softer songs with a "teen beat" feeling. 

A few self penned songs, written by the singer Janne Östlund and the great guitar player Hampus Letskog. 
As I said, they have been working hard and made many gigs all around Sweden and also around Europe. 

If you haven't got the chance to se the band live yet, keep your eyes open.

01. Rockin’ The Night Away
02. Live It Up
03. She's Mine
04. Because Of You
05. Cindy Marie
06. I'll Be Leavin' You
07. I Love You
08. My beautiful Girl
09. Be Boppin’ Baby
10. I Thought I Told You
11. Changed My Mind
12. You Gotta Get Ready
13. Savoy Club Stomp
14. I Gotta Feelin'

Released May 2013

Janne Östlund - vocal, rhythm guitar.
Hampus Letskog - Leadguitar.
Linus Letskog - Drums.
Micke Letskog - Standup bass
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