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CD - Jake Calypso - One Take Jake

CD - Jake Calypso - One Take Jake


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Rock Paradise Records / P & C Rock Paradise Records 2019 / 25 Tracks

In 2019, Jake celebrates 10 years with a compilation of 25 songs from 'My Baby Rocks' in 2009 to' Cotton Field Days' unpublished to this day and will be on the next project recorded in the MISSISSIPPI called 'BLUES NEVER LIES’. For this album 'ONE TAKE JAKE' the man went back to the studio to make new mixes of each of the songs from 'GRANDADDY'S GREASE' (c) 2010, 'FATHER & SONS' (c) 2014 and 'DOWNTOWN MEMPHI' (c) 2015. The compilation also offers 4 tracks from 'VANCE MISSISSIPPI' (With Archie Lee Hooker) and '100 MILES' (Tribute ELVIS). More with 4 unreleased songs like 'MY HAPPINESS' recorded in the SUN Studio at MEMPHIS in May 2014.
The sound is great, the cover is beautiful with pictures from a recent concert JAKE CALYPSO & HIS RED HOT. The compilation is essential when we know that the first 3 albums of JAKE are soon sold out and you must wait till May 2019 for the new album 'MY FOREIGN LOVE' (12 new songs). It is not excluded to later have a second volume of 'ONE TAKE JAKE' with 25 other songs. Do not miss this one !


1. My Baby Rocks!
2. Flaming Star
3. Call Me Baby
4. Vance Mississipy
5. My Happiness
6. Downtwon Memphis
7. Indian Boppin'
8. Lovin' Heart
9. Cassie Maginal
10. I Was A Fool About You
11. I'm Fed Up
12. Plans Of Love
13. Rock'n'Roll Train
14. When The Pretty Girl Bop
15. John Wood Choppin
16. Cause You're My Baby
17. C'est ça qu'est bon !
18. Turn Me Loose
19. Rock'n'Roll Girl
20. Born & Die
21. Saturday Night To Tease
22. Save Your Soul
23. Baby That You Fall
24. I'll Remember You
25. Cotton Field Day 
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