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CD - Jake Calypso And His Red Hot - My Foreign Love

CD - Jake Calypso And His Red Hot - My Foreign Love


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Rock Paradise Records / P & C Rock Paradise Records 2019 / 12 Tracks

1. Don't Miss The Train Man
2. My Foreign Love
3. Addiction Baby
4. You're My Wonderful Love
5. When I Was 15
6. Chessboard Of Love
7. I Gotta Know
8. Fairy Tale
9. Comeback To Me
10. Gimme Your Love
11. You Fulfilled Me
12. The Queen Of The Road??

My Foreign Love is Jake Calypso's 6th studio album. Recorded between November 2018 and February 2019 in the regular Studio Midnight in the North of France, in a small village and in a farmhouse.
Arriving just after the excellent and unexpected '100 Miles' released on August 16, 2017 (40th anniversary of ELVIS death)! It also left traces and inspirations for the musical direction that will take 'My Foreign Love' when Jake decided to write the 12 songs in August 2018.
It's the envy of an album more 60's after the first 3 basically Rockabilly & Rock'n'Roll 50's. You can hear the inspiration of two other idols, Buddy Holly & Roy Orbison, with the tracks 'I gotta Know' and 'You're My Wonderful Love'. But there is also the exotic side of Elvis he had through Blue Hawaii or Fun Acapulco with 'Comeback To Me' and 'My Foreign Love'. Not to mention Jake's passion for Memphis and his music. Something he had already said with the album 'Downtown Memphis' (2015) re-corded from the mythical Studio Sun (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lewis Lee, Carl Perkins and many others). But this time the Memphis style is more 'Rhythm & Blues' with 'Addiction Baby' and 'Gimme Your Love' reminiscent of Stax's debut when the label was still called Satellite
This diversity is the musical direction that will be found in this 6th album by Mister Calypso. Love has also a great place with the lyrics. Jake is not an American and does not want to talk about Cadillac! He is French and Edith Piaf who sang ‘l’Amour Tou-jours’ was also one of his idols before Elvis in 1975 when Jake was only 11 years old.
But still ! The Rockabilly continues to flow in his veins. So still influenced by Charlie Feathers since 'My Baby Rocks' Jake's 1st single in 2019, those are the titles 'Do not Miss The Man Train' & 'Fairy Tale' here mixed with the Mississippi Blues & Gospel following certainly to his experience with Archie Lee Hooker (John Lee Hooker nephew) for the album 'Vance Mississippi' in 2016. 'When I Was 15' talks with nostalgia of his youth Teddy Boy in the 80s.
The album ends with 'The Queen Of The Road' a title that blossoms a bit with the 70s when Rock'n'Roll contaminates bands like 'Rockpile' 'Wild Angels' 'Fabulous Thunderbirds' or even 'Dr. Feelgood'
Maybe it's with this last song, the bridge for Jake with another 20-year-old 'band' officiating under the name Hot Chickens where Jake is not Jake, but Hervé Loison, bassist and singer!
Jake agrees that 'My Foreign Love' is certainly his best album, the most personal and the most accomplished.
When he starated, the 4 debut album asked for 3 days of Studio. It was 4 times more for 'My Foreign Love' with a Jake anxious to combine here a rough sound like in the 60s with a the flattering side of the ballads as did Ricky Nelson, Del Shannon and others Singers for Teenagers.
For this the 3 Red Hot, Christophe Gillet, Thierry Sellier and Ben D. Driver were locked in the studio behind a tape recorder, Ampex 350 and ribbon mics.
With all these ingredients, 'My Foreign Love' has become both a Rock'n'Roll and an Exotic album, a love story that compiles only hits & some other songs that can leave you indifferent if you go down in this very personal Jake history.
When not in the studio, Jake is on the road, in planes, trains to Rock'n'Roll scenes across Europe and sometimes the United States. Las Vegas & Nashville have already welcomed
Jake sometimes record on the roads. I want to talk here about the album '100 Miles' whose voice was captured in magical and mythical places related to Elvis such as Tupelo and Memphis (Sun, Graceland) via Nashville (RCA Studio, Grand Ole Opry). Or on the roads of Mississippi, near the Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson or Charley Patton graves.
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