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CD - Hot 'Lips' Page - Roll Roll Roll

CD - Hot 'Lips' Page - Roll Roll Roll


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Beginning his promising rise to national fame in the late 1930s as a rival to that other trumpet-playing, gravel-voiced entertainer, Louis Armstrong, Hot Lips Page changed tack, jumping with both feet in the direction of the burgeoning R&B sound in the mid 1940s. It was a move that was sure to offend all the serious jazz music fans, but it would endear him to all the low-brow jump-blues lovers – both then and now! This CD celebrates those R&B years of the man who could have been King…


1. Last Call For Alcohol
2. They Raided The Joint
3. There Ain´t No Flies On Me
4. Texas And Pacific
5. Walkin´In A Daze
6. Miss Larceny Blues
7. Roll, Roll, Roll
8. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
9. Jeety-Boat Joad
10. Florida Blues
11. Ashes On My Pillow
12. Open The Door, Richard!
13. Birmingham Boogie
14. I Want To Ride Like The Cowboys Do
15. Let Me In!
16. Strike While The Iron´s Hot
17. The Jungle King
18. The Cadillac Song
19. Blow, Champ, Blow
20. Chocolate Candy Blues
21. The Hucklebuck
22. Pacifying Blues
23. That´s The One For Me
24. Sharp Little Sister
25. Main Street
26. I´ve Got The Upper Hand
27. Moanin´Dan
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