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CD - Grizzly Family - Going To The Rockabilly Hop

CD - Grizzly Family - Going To The Rockabilly Hop

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(Calavera Records) 19 Tracks - Digipack - Phantastische Band aus Frankreich mit ihrem 2018er CD Debüt! Rockabilly, wie er sein soll, wild und lebendig!


1. Rockabilly Hop
2. Rock Around Your Lies
3. Exotic Love
4. A Cat Called Domino
5. Who's Fooling Who
6. Only One (One And Only)
7. Don't Bother Me
8. Shotgun Wedding Theme
9. My Baby's Got Love
10. I Fell In Love
11. The Fire Of Love
12. Indian Joe
13.The Worryin' Kind
14. Jungle Love, Jungle Fever
15. Would You, Daisy
16. Big Fool
17. On The Hidden Trail
18. Don't Bother Me (alternate take)
19. Latch On, Latch On
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