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CD - Double Six - Razor's Edge

CD - Double Six - Razor's Edge


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Double Six bring you back to the days when Rock A Billy was the thing and Hank Mizell’s Jungle Rock was the king. Roll on the dices you cats and kittens and bet for that lucky numbers named Double Six, It’s a winner and the winner takes it all!!!


1. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
2. Thirty Days
3. Teddy Boy Rock And Roll
4. Steady Date
5. Sacas Lo Peor De Mi
6. Polvora (Dynamite)
7. Please Don't Touch
8. Lights Out
9. La Moto
10. Jet Black
11. Great Balls Of Fire
12. Do You Really Love Me Too
13. La Chica Alborotada (Tallahassee Lassie)
14. Black Is Black
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