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CD - Del-Vipers - Terror Of The Del-Vippers

CD - Del-Vipers - Terror Of The Del-Vippers


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The Del-Vipers - Terror Of The Del-Vipers CD (Double Crown)

The Del-Vipers originally hit the Austin, TX scene during the belly scorching summer of 2010. Guitarist Ross Ott and drummer Sam Rich having left their full time touring schedules in previous musical endeavors were looking for something to push creativity to new levels while, you know, having a few beers. Original bassist Derek "Spooky Vam Peers" Miller completed the bill and together they took their love for a time when rock n' roll was fresh and exciting... to the beach! Influenced heavily by original guitar megaliths like Dick Dale and The Ventures as well as the more obscure underbelly of the genre and a propensity for the WEIRD, The Del-Vipers bathed themselves in reverb and hit the streets of Austin to bring their earth-shattering instrumental holocaust to the world. Playing everywhere from the historical Continental Club to annual bashes at the Texas State Drag Racing Championships, the 3-piece continued their wet & wild journey into the hearts & loins of surf lovers worldwide.

With new bass wrangler Dave “Cheeseburger Breakfast” Hawkins onboard, the band hit the studio for a single day in January ’14 to lay to tape what would become their compelling debut record, “Terror of the Del-Vipers”. The band self-released a “Limited Cassette” version of the album later that year but have recently joined forces with the almighty Double Crown Records to release it on Compact Disc for this the two-thousand fifteenth year of our lord (Dick Dale). It’s safe to say there is no telling what's next in line for the fabulous Del-Vipers!


1. Teenage Crimewave
2. Creepy T
3. The Sonic Deterrent
4. Tecate Run
5. LA
6. Disaster Magnet
7. Anesthesia
8. Monsoon Surf
9. Sex Cauldron
10. The Angry Man
11. Matango
12. Goloash
13. Mortuary Cosmetics
14. Nova
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