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CD - David Moore - Hillbilly Stroll With David Moore

CD - David Moore - Hillbilly Stroll With David Moore

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“The Hillbilly Stroll” is a 12 track CD from guitarist, writer and producer Dave Moore. Although Dave has recorded on over 45 CD and vinyl projects for other artists through the years, he has never released his own CD until now. “The Hillbilly Stroll” (opening song) tells a story about Dave’s disdain for modern music and his love for hillbilly based rock n roll. All twelve songs are self written and include Dave’s signature raw guitar sound. Other songs of note include the honky tonk swing number “Hey Pretty Mama” and the raucous “I Do What I Want When I Want”.

Dave “Spike” Moore
Song Writer, Producer, Studio Musician, Performer

Dave is a product of Appalachian America. Growing up in a family of musicians, Dave spent his early years listening to old hillbilly tunes and singing in church. Dave's dad, a fundamentalist Christian Minister, was a hot fiddle player just before World War II. Those old 78 rpm records and photos of his dad's band were some of Dave's earliest memories. At the age of nine, Dave received his first guitar and over the next 5 years, Dave mastered 14 musical instruments.

Dave has always been extremely interested in hillbilly, early country and rockabilly music. His cited influences include Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, Bill Haley and Carl Perkins. His musical style has been equated to Charlie Feathers and has been called "one of the finest rockabilly guitarists in the U.S.".

Dave also owns roots music monster record label Wild Hare Records and has supported many rockabilly acts through the years including historic artists Vernon Taylor, Billy Adams, Roc LaRue, Ron Berry, Joe Penny and Pat Cupp. To date, Dave has been heard on over 40 professional music releases and on over 270 songs!

As for live performances, Dave has appeared at many festivals in the US and Europe over the past 10 years and is currently releasing a new CD entitled "Hillbilly Stroll" in April 2009. To support this new release Dave will be performing in Sweden and select spots in the US during 2009.
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