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CD - Chris Ruest - Been Gone Too Long

CD - Chris Ruest - Been Gone Too Long


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Texas Bluesman Chris Ruest's album "Been Gone Too Long" will be released on January 26th, 2018.
An album Jam-packed with 13 Rockin' Blues Blasters!
Chris is an awesome guitarist and the first time he came here to the studio was for a Marti Brom session and he liked the musicians and the studio and I totaly dug his vibe and tone so I asked pretty much right away if he'd be interested in cutting a record here in Enviken.
He has played with alot of great Texas musicians and he is constantly on the road. Right now he is in Europe touring France, Belgium and Switzerland.
On this album we have guest musicians like Gene Taylor, Billy Bremner, Knock-Out Greg, Marti Brom, John Lindberg och Wes Race.
It is really a mixture of Sweden and USA on there.


1. I’m Goin’ Home
2. Can’t Take No More
3. Henhouse To The Doghouse
4. Sufferin’ Mind
5. True Found Baby
6. Been Gone Too Long
7. The Girl That Radiates That Charm
8. Mind Out That Gutter
9. Nobody Cares
10. I Quit
11. Real Proud Papa
12. Too Cool For School
13. Jivetalk
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