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CD - Brioles - Love Rhythm & Hate

CD - Brioles - Love Rhythm & Hate


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BRIOLES was formed in 1986 (their first live gig took place on the 8th of August 1987) and they haven’t stopped playing ever since. A few drummer changes, several collaborations in different groups and projects (The Rockin’ Roosters, Bop Pills, Ella & the Roosters, Nu-Niles, The Swindlers...) haven’t made the Nunes brothers (Jorge and Daniel) loose their interest in their main project. BRIOLES’ music is mainly based on 50’s R&R but they’ve added more exciting elements....


1. Show Me
2. Voodoo Bop
3. Pegoda A Ti
4. Too Drunk For Your Love
5. Demasiado
6. She's Bad
7. Try My Love
8. I'm Gonna Ride
9. Love That Gal
10. Nana Para Una Pesadilla
11. Madhouse
12. It's Only Make Believe
13. La Casa
14. How To Cry
15. Bop Pills
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