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CD - Bad Detectives - A Look At Life

CD - Bad Detectives - A Look At Life


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Where most bands write about Cadillacs, The Bad Detectives write about Ford Capri's. This just about sums up the down to earth approach of these 5 West of England musicians, who peddle Country, Rockabilly, R&B and balls out Rock n Roll with a definite English twist.

This is their 4th album on Western Star! Let's hope it gets as much airplay as their other 3!

1. The Girl From Porton Down
2. Won't Do It Again
3. Run To The Sun
4. Lay-By On The Edge Of Town
5. (Bobby Fuller's Drinking) Gasoline
6. Cider safari
7. The Ballad Of Bono's Hat
8. Ton-Up Vicar
9. (She's Gonna Give Tom Jones Her) Room Key
10. Operators Are Standing By
11. The Curse Of Liberace's Tomb
12. The Dunmow Flitch
13. Fake Tan Sample Man
14. Clowns
15. Peroxide Baby
16. The Drummer owns The name
17. Big Dawg 
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