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CD - Annita & The Starbombers - It'd Surprise You

CD - Annita & The Starbombers - It'd Surprise You

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2nd cd by dutch female singer Annita, this time backed by the dutch rockabilly/country/hillbilly combo The Barnstompers under the name of "The Starbombers"!'
'Isn't she beautiful, our own Dutch Diva Annita... of course she is, but she can also sing the stars out of the sky! What a blessing, having a voice like that. And her musical style? Well, that's a bit harder to pin down, because Annita sings a variety of styles like rockabilly, western swing, country music and then some. Imagine Patsy Cline, Andrews Sisters and Marti Brom, and a dozen more American country ladies, put all the music in an vintage oak wine barrel, shake firmly, and out comes... Annita & The Starbombers!

This new CD presents a wide varietry of well chosen cover songs, the kind you don't hear every day anymore, but really need to be remembered. The opener is Bob Weldon's "Mr. Fly-By-Night" and the title song is Jan Smith's "I'd Surpise You". Honestly, how long has it been since you heard that song? Just wonderful.


1. Mr. Fly-By-Night
2. Which One Is To Blame
3. It'd Surprise You
4. I'll Never Be Free
5. Stop
6. I'll Keep On Loving You
7. I Wish I'd Never
8. Barbed Wire Love
9. I Gotta Have You
10. Columbus G.A.
11. Trying To Forget You
12. Burn That Candle
13. Not Anymore
14. You Won't Find Me Singing The Blues For You
15. Strange
16. We Did
17. I Hear You Talking

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