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CD - Alex Valenzi And the Hideaway Cats - Cruisin' Around

CD - Alex Valenzi And the Hideaway Cats - Cruisin' Around


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Flirting with styles such as rockabilly, rock'n'roll, rhythm and blues, blues, boogie-woogie, swing, jump-blues and country music, the band has already shared the stage with legends such as James Burton (Elvis Presley guitarist), Kenny Lovelace and Buck Hutcheson (guitarists of Jerry Lee Lewis), Bill Haley and the Comets, Little Richard and had the honor of performing 6 openings of shows of Jerry Lee Lewis in Brazil, who even invited him to play on his 60th birthday , In the USA.
On two occasions the band brought guitarist James Burton (guitarist of Elvis Presley) to Brazil. The first time, in 1995, the visit gave as result a record with Burton and Kenny Lovelace (guitarists of Jerry Lee Lewis). On the second visit, Burton and Alex recorded the DVD "15 Years on the Boogie-a-Billy Rocky Road" with classics such as Jambalaya, Roll Over Beethoven and I'll Never Stand In Your Way to celebrate the band's 15th anniversary . The band's performances are always a unique moment, with a fervent repertoire of their own songs and classic of the 50's. This new album, when the band enters their 25th year, is their best release so far!


1. Long Tall Green Eyed Baby Blues
2. Bop Bop Boogie
3. I Got The Big Eye For You Baby
4. I’ll Mess You Up
5. Fine Lookin’ Woman
6. Lovers Hell
7. Too Many Teardrops
8. Rockin’ Boogie Boy
9. Later
10. Cruisin’ Around
11. I Won’t Pay No Never Mind
12. Rock Another Gal
13. Let Yourself Go Go
14. All Alone In The Dark
15. Love Addiction
16. Hot Or Cold
17. Bad Boy
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