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CD - 5 Royales - Right Around The Corner

CD - 5 Royales - Right Around The Corner


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This CD includes 25 great tracks not found on other collections. A fantastic set of rare and obscure material recorded for King Records by one of the most revered R&B groups - The 5 Royales.


1. You Didn't Learn It At Home
2. School Girl
3. When You Walked Through the Door
4. Monkey Hips and Rice
5. When I Get Like This
6. Right Around the Corner
7. How I Wonder
8. Come On and Save Me
9. Get Something Out of It
10. Messin' Up
11. Someone Made You For Me
12. Don't Be Ashamed
13. Devil With the Rest
14. Do the Cha Cha Cherry
15. Double or Nothing
16. Don't Let It Be In Vain
17. The Real Thing
18. Tears of Joy
19. Thirty Second Lover
20. I'd Better Make a Move
21. Miracle of Love
22. My Sugar Sugar
23. Just As I Am
24. Tell Me You Care
25. Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone
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