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CD-2 - Sonny Burgess - Classic Recordings 1956-59

CD-2 - Sonny Burgess - Classic Recordings 1956-59

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Cd-1: We Wanna Boogie / Red Headed Woman, The Prisoner´S Song (Alt.1), We Wanna Boogie (Alt.3,Actual Take 1), Red Headed Woman (Alt.2), The Prisoner´S Song (Alt.2), All Night Long, Life´S Too Short To Live, Restless, Ain´T Got A Thing, Daddy Blues (Alt.2), Fannie Brown (Alt.2), Ain´T Gonna Do It (Alt.1), Daddy Blues (Alt.1), Fannie Brown (Alt.1), You, One Broken Heart, Ain´T Gonna Do It (Alt.2), Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, Please Listen To Me (Undubbed Version), Gone, Please Listen To Me (Overdubbed Recording), My Babe, My Bucket´S Got A Hole In It (Undubbed Rec.), Sweet Misery (Undubbed Master), Whatcha´ Gonna Do, My Bucket´S Got A Hole In It (Alt.)

Cd-2: My Bucket´S Got A Hole In It, Sweet Misery, Oh Mama!, Truckin´ Down The Avenue, So Glad You´Re Mine,1, What´Cha Gonna Do, Feelin´ Good, So Glad You´Re Mine,2, One Night, Always Will, Little Town Baby, You´Re Not The One For Me, Mr. Blues, Find My Baby For Me (False Start), Find My Baby For Me, Tomorrow Night, Tomorrow Never Comes (False Start), Tomorrow Never Comes, Skinny Ginny, So Soon, Mama Loochie,1, Mama Loochie,2, Mama Loochie,3, Itchy, Thunderbird, A Kiss Goodnite, Sadie´S Back In Town, Smoochin´ Jill, A Kiss Goodnite (Alt.), My Baby Loves Me
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