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Buch - Rodders Journal - No. 37

Buch - Rodders Journal - No. 37

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The bare metal feature and cover car in this issue displays Nacho Gonzalez' 1935 Ford Pickup. The story discusses a trend sweeping San Jose, CA, of radically low rods, which display impressive metal fabrication skills. Nacho's truck sums up this trend perfectly, with the frame Z'd 18 inches. The top has a 7 inch chop, the body is sectioned 6 inches, and channeled 5.

Rock musician James Hetfield of Metallica considers the '53 Buick Skylark to be one of the Holy Grails of automotive styling. Turning his rare Skylark into the !Skyscraper” Custom that is found on the !B” cover, took extensive planning, and some help from Rick Dore, of Rick Dore Kustoms. In this article, James explains how he and Rick improved on the already elegant lines of his Buick. He also explains how his 9 year old daughter named his newest show winning Custom. It's a Skylark and it scrapes the ground. Skyscraper. Get it?
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